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CTSC Member Societies

American Chemical Society/Cleveland Chapter — ACS
American Chemical Society/Northeast Ohio Chapter — ACS
American Institute of Aeronauctics & Astronautics — AIAA
American Institute of Architects — AIA
American Institute of Chemical Engineers — AICh-E
American Society of Civil Engineers — ASCE
ASM International — ASMI
American Society Of Mechanical Engineers — ASME
American Society for Quality — ASQ
Cleveland 2030 — CL2030
Cleveland Engineering Society — CES
Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers — CRCST
Great Lakes Science Center — GLSC
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers — IEEE
International Society of Automation — ISA
Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio — MSNO
Society for Applied Spectroscopy — SAS
Society of Automotive Engineers — SAE
Society of Plastic Engineers — SPE

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